How do I determine the status of my order on line?

That's easy! You will get notifications sent to your email address of the entire process. All files (pictures) orders are individually processed for optimum color, brightness, clarity, and composition. Any cropping you performed when placing the order will also take place before I send the order for custom printing on high end photo paper.

Here are the status emails you will receive throughout the fulfillment process:

Waiting for Acceptance

Your order was received and it is waiting to be accepted.

Waiting for Approval

Your order was received and I am working on ensuring optimal color, brightness, sharpness, and overall look before sending off for printing on high end (not like photos printed at Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, etc) museum quality paper.


I completed the custom processing of your order and it is being be submitted to my printing house or fulfillment house for processing.


Your order is being fulfilled and prepared to ship.


Your order was completed and shipped.


Your order was canceled.